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J-Curve empowers streaming client to be awarded “Top Streaming Media Provider” by Consumer Reports

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J-Curve’s customer engagement solutions included advanced technology and training programs that improved customer service, reduced staffing challenges, and increased streaming revenues.

J-Curve Improves Customer Experience

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  • High location costs 
  • High cost of Tier 1 and Tier 2 customer support agents
  • Staffing hours of operation inconsistent with customer need
  • Excessive support ticket backlogs
  • Lack of customer service scalability 
  • Seasonal support volume surges
  • Lack of training programs and documentation
  • Lack of CRM system and support technology


  • Increased customer support agents, management, and QA from 10-100
  • Expanded support hours
  • Provided domestic and bilingual resources
  • Reduced cost of support agents
  • Deployed robust support ticketing system
  • Implemented advanced cloud-based CRM technology
  • Developed a digital streaming session analyzer
  • Created standard operating procedures (SOP) documentation


  • Client awarded “Top Streaming Media Provider” in customer experience
  • Increased customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Eliminated support backlogs
  • Customers increased buying and renting content
  • Reduced handle times significantly
  • Enhanced customer support at a lower cost
  • Increased staffing quality and reduced staff ramp time

How we turned the customer experience around

One of today’s leading media streaming companies became the first on-demand service to offer high-definition movies for download to own or rent in the late 2000s.

Initially, their internal team consisted of approximately ten support agents handling Tier 1, 2, and 3 support from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, only five days per week. They had a small engineering group that was taking higher-end support interactions. 

Their customer service scores at the time were not very high.

Pain Points

The client had a variety of issues to address, including:

  • Location costs: Office space in Silicon Valley was very expensive, as were the costs to hire Tier 1 and Tier 2 support agents.
  • Staffing hours of operation: Consumers were more likely to watch movies in the evening or on weekends, but support was staffed Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Excessive backlogs: Support teams arrived every morning to large support backlogs from the previous evening, which created a poor customer experience. Mondays were particularly difficult due to high weekend backlog accumulation.
  • Lack of scalability: The media streaming service was becoming more accessible on popular devices like the PlayStation, Xbox, and other streaming devices, which led to an overworked staff because of an inability to scale customer support.
  • Seasonality concerns: The client experienced an increase in support volume by 40-50% during the holiday months, driven by consumers that purchased/received new devices for Christmas.
  • Lack of training: No training documentation or training programs existed for new support employees.
  • Antiquated technology: The lack of a CRM system required support teams to manage cases via email and spreadsheets, and legacy phone systems had no reporting capabilities.

J-Curve Solutions

J-Curve customer engagement project managers studied the client’s infrastructure and customer service processes and worked in concert with them to implement the following operational changes:

  • Headcount: Began supporting the streaming company with ten technical and customer support agents. Soon increased headcount to over 25 agents, reaching nearly 100 employees in management, QA, and training resources
  • Hours of operation: Expanded support hours from 7 am to 6 pm, five days per week to 7 am to 8 pm, seven days per week
  • Reduced overhead costs: Support included domestic and bilingual resources in Hermosillo, MX, to further reduce costs
  • Advanced ticketing system: Deployed and managed a robust ticketing system utilized by J-Curve and the partner
  • Integrated CRM technology: Implemented J-Sync to manage agent productivity, interaction management, metrics, and SLAs and predicted new daily volumes during peak seasons based on historical data
  • Data & Analytics: Developed a streaming session analyzer to report streaming session data used to identify average movie speed and bandwidth
  • Training documentation: Created a standard operating procedures (SOP) document that agents still use to support 150+ devices


After implementing the customer experience solutions, new technology, and operational processes mentioned above, the media streaming organization saw the following results:

  • Eliminated internal staffing challenges and provide high-quality customer experience over the years, including seasonality challenges.
  • Increased hours of operation reduced backlog challenges and improved customer experience, resulting in recurring customers more frequently buying and renting content.
  • Streaming session analyzer reduced handle times to resolve customer buffering issues, ultimately helping to save money.
  • The customized CRM allowed the client to use a ticketing system with enhanced support at a much lower price point.
  • Created a robust knowledge base and self-help portal that reduced the amount of support volume needed to support agents – 91% of customers that visited the knowledgebase resolved their own issues.
  • A formalized training curriculum, managed and maintained by J-Curve, provided the ability to increase staffing with quality, trained agents in a fraction of the time it used to take to get new agents up to speed.

The client was rated by Consumer Reports as the “top streaming media provider” in Customer Experience due to improvements made through the partnership with J-Curve.

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