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Optimize your provisioning and activation with our advanced solutions.

“The last mile” of telecoms

You’ve built a product you’re proud of. But it only counts to your customer if it’s installed and activated properly.

Provisioning is complex

Any provisioning and activation process involves complex processes, project management, and handoffs.

You want to get to billing quickly

Any gaps in the process can cause delays or inaccuracies that hurt you and your customers.

Accuracy is critical

Service implementation requires management to check and check again, and be ready for support if anything goes off the rails.

Flawless implementations are our DNA

At J-Curve, we’ve worked with all the biggest players in cloud communications since 2006. We’ve built a reputation for flawless provisioning and activation.
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You sell it, we implement it

Our team provides project management and oversight for Service Delivery functions, product activation and setup, and day-of activation support.

Optimize your processes

Our expert team conducts gap analysis and optimizes operations for a seamless integration. We support the field team and ensure every detail is taken care of.

Supercharge your tools

We’ve applied proprietary tech for communication flow, project management, and quality assurance. Our tools speed up the process and ensure accuracy along the way.

Project management specialists

Our clients have a dedicated project manager from our team, overseeing the entire provisioning and activation process. They continuously monitor the project and keep you updated on the status.

Drive cost savings and maximize your product

Learn more about how J-Curve has revolutionized the process for our clients.

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