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We’ve been supporting streaming media since it all started in the early 2000s. By leveraging our innovative BPO technology and highly skilled people, we set the standard for customer experience in streaming.

The streaming wars

Streaming is a crowded field, and there’s no better way to set yourself apart than by making your customers the happiest viewers out there.
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Looking to cut costs?

The right customer support partner can help reduce costs and increase your profit margins.

Need to boost customer satisfaction?

Streaming is your expertise – customer satisfaction is ours.

How are you scaling support?

You need the right systems to scale up without ballooning costs.

Stand out from the crowd

Build loyal customers with flawless support systems and peak experiences.
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We know streaming media users

We’ve been in the game for a long time, and we know how to build a system that works for your team. Our skills and empathetic agents become an extension of your brand and delight your customers every time.

Save more $$$

We’ve helped our streaming media partners enhance customer experiences while lowering costs at the same time. We can deploy high-quality low-cost-locations and hire and train talented staff from around the world. We’ve also helped our partners increase customer buying and renting.

Ready for that customer experience award?

One of our streaming media clients won “Top Streaming Media Provider” in customer experience from Consumer Reports. We can help you eliminate support backlogs, improve CSAT, and keep customers coming back for more.

The only direction is up

We can help you scale your customer support to keep up with your company’s growth. Streaming media is a rocketship, and we’ll help you make sure your customers stay in their seats.
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Get out the popcorn and see what we can do together

We’ll implement customer experience solutions, new technology, and operational optimizations that give you the results you want – at the price you need.

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