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Businesses contain many parts, and all these parts need to work together well to create success. But human beings are never perfect. When you expect many people to work together as a single entity, there are bound to be snags – conflicts in personalities, goals, ambition, and motivation. Enterprise contains workflows – processes repeated over […]

In the telecommunications industry, the “Last Mile” refers to the final leg that communication must travel between its original provider and its recipient. Consider the physical delivery of materials from origin to the final destination, the consumer’s home, or a store in a city or town. Most of the delivery truck’s journey is on major […]

The Covid-19 pandemic triggered a sea change in every industry – but perhaps none more dramatically than healthcare. As the pandemic surged, patients began turning toward digital solutions like telemedicine and apps. Modern consumers expect a seamless, convenient experience. Prioritizing the healthcare customer experience has become paramount.  A December 2020 study published by the Harvard […]

Your team focuses on important—and urgent—business challenges and products. But what about the business challenges that aren’t getting attention?  Many businesses aren’t growing as quickly as they can because of process inefficiencies, poor communication systems, lack of employee training, or not having the technology or tools they need. But with your team focused on more […]

Are brick-and-mortar stores dead?  For retail businesses, the online experience may feel paramount. But the research is in, and studies show that even younger shoppers spend about 50% of their shopping time visiting in-person stores to try on items, experience the brand in real life, or experience the product before purchasing.  So, how should a […]

Cloud computing revolutionized the business world in the early 2000s. At the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the cloud became the standard for doing business.  Studies estimate that 94% of enterprise companies now use cloud services. On the small business side, according to the Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud Report, spending on cloud […]

Business process reengineering (BPR) can turn a company’s direction around. In the long run, it can reverse failing businesses, improve employee satisfaction, and boost customer loyalty. But it can also feel quite formidable – because it requires change from the ground up. In this article, we’ll explore business process reengineering: BPR definition Why BPR is […]

What makes a business succeed? You might think the factors are endless and nearly impossible to rank. However, from the US Chamber of Commerce to Forbes Magazine, articles explaining how to succeed in business seem to have one reasonably consistent conclusion: Of all the many components that lead to a successful business, good customer service […]

Studies show that customer satisfaction is one of the primary drivers of business success. We all know customer service is important. But customer service isn’t just “nice to have” – it’s imperative for good business strategy and customer retention.But at what point does your investment in customer care strain your resources too far? What if […]