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We make it easier to serve your customers. With nearly two decades of experience scaling and improving customer care through account management, issue resolution, returns, billing, shipping, product support, and more.

Wondering if it’s time to outsource customer service?

Customer expectations are only getting higher – and a good user experience necessitates excellent customer care. Here are a few signs you might want to outsource yours.
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High overhead costs

Skilled customer care agents on your in-house team can balloon your overhead costs.

Low customer satisfaction

Is your brand taking a hit with customer complaints or low CSAT scores?

Difficulty scaling

You have an amazing team. But as your customer base grows, how can you keep up with their needs and scale up quickly?

Leaders in tech-enabled CX outsourcing

We’re experts in helping companies scale up customer service, boost customer satisfaction, and meet transformational goals.
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Get the best in customer care without sacrificing your brand

At J-Curve, our customer care team truly becomes an extension of your in-house team. But at a fraction of the cost.

Boost profitability

J-Curve has consistently driven agent cost savings of over 30% for our partners. Even while we help them grow. We do this by re-engineering processes, eliminating redundancy, introducing technology supports, and utilizing low-cost-locations.

Improve customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is what we do. We leverage technology to build ease into customer support and delight your customers. We’ve been able to double CSAT scores and increase Net Promoter Scores by over 88 points.

Scale and grow

You focus on your business strengths, and we’ll focus on your customers. We help companies scale headcount and technical infrastructure and improve process efficiency. We’ll always represent your brand and your voice, becoming an extension of your team.
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Build the world’s best customer experiences

You don’t have to do it alone. Cut costs, drive growth, and deliver delighted customers with our customer success team.

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