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J-Curve implements enhanced VIP customer experience program for world’s largest peer-to-peer car sharing enterprise

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We partnered with a national automotive technology client and trained a scalable team that integrated seamlessly into the brand culture. We created best practices that led to this team’s exceeding service and quality KPI goals.   

J-Curve Improves Customer Experience

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  • Scaling for growth
  • Increased demand and supply shortages
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Outsource customer service without losing culture
  • Business process outsourcing


J-Curve tackled the challenges by:

  • Evaluating business process services
  • Analyzing current IT infrastructure
  • Recruit and train customer service agents
  • Leverage behavioral profiling tool for maximal hiring
  • Internalized core values
  • Developed a new QA program


With J-Curve, the client improved its customer experience strategy and achieved the following:

  • Hired and trained 100+ new contact center agents and leaders
  • Improved CSAT scores to 90-91% month over month
  • Improved QA to exceed goals by 7-8% month over month
  • Increased number of VIP clients by 20%

J-Curve improved client experience while scaling customer service

In early 2021, the peer-to-peer car-sharing enterprise experienced pressing problems.

The most crucial issue was the requirement to scale rapidly due to increased market demands due to U.S. citizens traveling after the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

The mainstream rental car market was facing supply shortages and increasing demand. At the same time, the peer-to-peer enterprise needed to capitalize on changing market conditions while the iron was hot and significant growth was possible.

Pain Points

One of the country’s leading car-sharing companies approached J-Curve to resolve their customer experience issues. They were feeling the squeeze in the following areas:

  • They desired to implement an enhanced VIP customer experience program for their most revenue-producing customers – Power Hosts.
  • They were looking for call center outsourcing companies near their existing operation that could meet in person with their core team and assist with hiring, developing training materials, and scaling the business.
  • They wanted a BPO provider that could be an extension of their organization and align with their mission, values, and internal culture.
  • They sought to revamp their outdated business process and launch their newly created VIP program.

J-Curve Solutions

J-Curve’s expert tech-enabled services teams worked with the client to identify, document, and analyze their current business processes and infrastructure. They met with enterprise leaders and, over time, gained their trust and implemented the following recommendations:

  • Recruited and trained approximately 80 new customer service agents for the new VIP customer experience program for Power Hosts.
  • Leveraged OMS behavioral profiling tool to ensure properly qualified candidates were hired
  • Within 30 days, built a new customer service center and IT infrastructure near their existing headquarters.
  • Shadowed and developed close relationships with the entire enterprise team (CEO, executive team, mid-level leadership, and agents) to absorb company culture and internalize core values to ensure new programs conformed to their existing integrity pillars.
  • Assisted the client in developing a new quality assurance program.


After the enterprise team studied J-Curve’s recommendations and approved them, the J-Curve project team implemented their solutions to improve customer experience. The outcomes were as follows:

  • J-Curve hired and trained 100+ new contact center agents and leadership.
  • Improved customer satisfaction (CSAT), averaging 90-91% monthly.
  • Improved quality assurance: QA goals were exceeded by 7-8% monthly.
  • Scale customer service: increase the number of Power Hosts supported by 20%.

Because the client trusted the quality of J-Curve’s work, the client has leveraged J-Curve to train and develop other partners on new program processes and procedures.

Overall, the enterprise was thrilled with the results, accelerated growth, and customer satisfaction. They appreciated how the J-Curve teams went about their due diligence with minimal disruption to the daily responsibilities of their workers.

The success of this program allows the client to deliver elite customer experience management for top revenue-generating hosts, creating a solution to drive more revenue for the peer-to-peer community and their bottom line. This also enables them to focus on ways to offer customer success for all hosts, driving increased car bookings and revenue – not just the Power Hosts.

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