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J-Curve provides tech-enabled customer engagement solution for digital transformation company

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For tech-based companies, J-Curve is the customer experience partner that knows tech support. For this digital transformation client, we built the technology, training, staffing, and business processes they needed to solve for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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  • Customers seeking technical assistance experienced extremely long wait times
  • High abandonment rate and frustrated callers
  • Large email backlog
  • Phone system incapable of queueing and routing calls
  • No training documentation or knowledgebase to ease agent workload


  • Holistic audit of processes, training, analytics, and technology
  • Implemented new business processes for efficiency and higher CSAT
  • Staffing support to manage all incoming calls via sophisticated CRM
  • J-Curve resolved Tier 1 issues so the client could focus on high-value contacts
  • New technology to route calls and improve metrics
  • Training curriculum, processes, and knowledgebase


  • 15+ years as a customer
  • 9.7 out of 10 average CSAT score
  • Abandon rate is now below 5%
  • The average speed to answer is below 35 seconds
  • Email responses within 24 hours
  • 27% response rate on CSAT survey – 22% higher than other support teams at clients’ parent company
  • Knowledgebase has minimized the number of calls received as customers can self-support

Not your average BPO call center: How J-Curve improved a digital partner’s CSAT through premier tech-enabled customer support

A digital transformation solutions company approached J-Curve to help resolve serious customer pain points and process efficiencies. The company was the proven leader in document management solutions, but its support team struggled to handle call volume and deliver satisfied customers, hurting their bottom line.

Challenge: How to improve CSAT

Before partnering with J-Curve, the company had a team of six customer support agents and one manager, working from 6 am to 6 pm. The team struggled to provide excellent customer service, with more support calls and emails than they could answer in a timely fashion. They could not support complex customer issues due to inadequate training documentation and efficient processes.

Solutions: Business process optimization for tech support

J-Curve tackled the customer experience pain points with five different strategies.

Due Diligence

We started with an in-depth analysis of existing documentation, technology infrastructure, volume forecasts, support metrics, call handling processes, and more. With a clear status quo map, we began to build new support metrics, call center analytics software, and business process outsourcing recommendations.


J-Curve immediately began supporting the client with a shared resource team. Our team took on all support calls, resolving Tier 1 issues and escalating to Tier 2 and Tier 3 via a newly streamlined CRM. Our customer support agents also managed all inbound support emails, resolving any Tier 1 requests quickly and escalating Tier 2 and Tier 3 requests as needed. Any escalated requests were documented in the CRM and assigned to support agents on the client’s internal team. This process instantly resulted in quicker resolution of customer requests, increased interaction with customers, and increased customer satisfaction. We also saw an immediate uptick in the resolution of complex issues that the internal team was able to focus on.


For inbound call center outsourcing, J-Curve implemented a phone system capable of queuing calls to ensure customers received the response they needed. We also connected our proprietary contact center management software, J-Sync, to provide visibility into support volumes, call recordings, and associated metrics.


J-curve agents built a customer experience management knowledge base using their T1 work. They researched and documented processes from past resolved support cases and built solutions that could be shared externally with end-users and customers.


J-Curve developed an advanced call center training curriculum to train T1 and T2 support agents. We also developed troubleshooting exercises to be used in the clients’ test environment for training. We were so successful that we now train all the clients’ technical support agents.

Results: Improved customer satisfaction

At J-Curve, we know how to improve call center agent performance – through the combined power of customized technology, business process optimization, and targeted agent training. We have had over 15 years of success with these solutions with this client. We have improved performance for the following:

Speed to Answer

Before partnering with J-Curve, the speed to answer was so slow that the customer did not need to track it. Now it’s under 35 seconds.

Abandon Rate

The abandon rate, which was very high because of the long hold times, is now down to 5% or below.

Email Responses

We exceeded the clients’ goal of email responses within 48 hours and now have a standard of 24 hours. This has significantly reduced the number of emails the client receives and vastly improved customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Our CSAT survey system has a 27% response rate – 22 % higher than the other support groups at the client’s parent company. Our CSAT score for the client is consistently ranking 9.7 out of 10.

Training and Documentation

J-Curve developed a formal training curriculum for our client, which has been so successful we now train their entire technical support team. Thorough FAQs and Knowledgebase development have allowed customers to become much more self-supported, reducing complaints and support requests.

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