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J-Curve improved customer service operations and cut costs for a large security provider

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The security provider improved critical KPIs and growth goals with J-Curve’s solutions, improving customer satisfaction, increasing productivity, and cutting costs.

How J-Curve helps businesses like yours

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The client requested to:

  • Increase hours of operation
  • Improve reporting and analytics
  • Decrease high turnover rate
  • Improve limited training documentation
  • Scale customer service
  • Improve customer experience


J-Curve tackled the challenges by:

  • Identifying top support cases for resolution
  • Identifying how to improve customer service
  • Deploying 24/7/365 technical support team
  • Built end-to-end training for Tier 2 tech issues and QA program


With J-Curve, the client improved customer experience strategy and achieved:

  • An increase in NPS from -7 to 72.4 in the first year
  • 65% expansion in hours of operation
  • A decrease in average speed to answer (ASA) from 6+ minutes to 42 seconds
  • A decrease in the average abandonment (AA) rate from 25% to less than 4%
  • 30% per year decrease in support costs

How we improved customer experience strategy for our clients’ results, costs, and customer satisfaction

The security arm of a 24-hour fitness club headquartered in Minnesota contacted J-Curve for some much-needed improvements to their security customer service operations. They wanted to know how to improve NPS and results across their customer experience.

Pain Points

The client was experiencing pain points in how to improve customer service while addressing internal support challenges. They needed to:

  • Increase hours of operation to 24/7/365
  • Improve reporting and analytics
  • Decrease high turnover rate
  • Scale customer service
  • Improve limited training documentation
  • Improve customer experience

At the time, the security division had significant challenges supporting its customers. The head of security explained the following issues:

  1. They were unable to identify the number of support calls they were receiving.
  2. They estimated their customers were on hold between 3 and 9 minutes before their calls were answered.
  3. They were experiencing lag times of up to 60 minutes to locate a call recording in their contact system.

J-Curve Solutions

J-Curve teams went on-site to document the end-to-end support process and analyze training, support, type case analysis, technology infrastructure, and process and procedure documentation.

Based on the due diligence findings, J-Curve recommended a three-phased approach to outsource customer service and rebuild the client’s customer service and technical support teams.

Phase 1:

J-Curve worked to identify the top customer care support cases, which included such issues as:

  • Security door not working (“door downs”)
  • Camera system not functioning
  • Remote monitoring of camera system setup

J-Curve provided an off-hours support solution with the equivalent of only a few “shared” FTEs. We handled them following a documented workflow case resolution.

Phase 2:

J-Curve deployed a 24/7/365 front-line technical support team that handled the top case types, documented the interaction, and transferred calls of a more technical nature. This process freed resources to create training, technical documentation, and wiki content.

Phase 3:

J-Curve assisted in using existing technical documentation to create training materials for Tier 2 technical issues, created an integrated, comprehensive QA program, and trained agents on Tier 2 technical issues for franchisees.


Thanks to J-Curve’s due diligence and three-phased program, the security customer realized the following improvements:

Increased Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • First-year NPS results score increased from (-7) to an unbelievable (72.4).
  • The annual NPS average score was 78.9 the following year.
  • The annualized NPS score has not dropped below 72.4 since J-Curve has supported the client. (March 2017).

Expanded Hours of Operation

  • Hours of operation expanded by 65%.
  • Initially, 12 hours per day, 5 days per week.
  • Now 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Improved Service Levels

  • Average speed to answer (ASA) decreased from over 6 minutes to 42 seconds.
  • Average abandonment (AA) rate went from over 25% to less than 4%.
  • The customer service metrics now exceed all KPIs by 10% or more.

Decreased Support Costs

  • Support costs decreased by 30% per year.
  • Savings would be 60% per year if the security customer were to have staffed nights and weekends before J-Curve.

The security customer was thrilled with the results and the accelerated improvements. They appreciated how the J-Curve teams went about their due diligence with minimal disruption to the daily responsibilities of their workers. They continue to experience great results several years after the initial project start date.

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