J-Curve reduced healthcare partner’s agent costs by $127k per month

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This digital healthcare leader sought a healthcare BPO to ramp up customer support and increase database accuracy quickly. In partnering with J-Curve, they utilized premier tech-enabled services, reduced overhead costs, and increased profitability.

J-Curve Improves Customer Experience

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How J-Curve helps businesses like yours

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The client required healthcare business process outsourcing to:

  • Improve CSAT and customer experience
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Integrate disconnected tech and increase efficiency


  • Accelerating customer demand
  • Manual entry and error-prone data
  • Training & customer service lagging behind needs
  • Disconnected tech systems


  • Highly-trained agents at reduced costs
  • Exceeding all service levels and improving customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced technology, process, training, and resource solutions
  • Technology integrated into a single, easy-use dashboard
    Saving $127,000/month in agent costs

How we reduced costs & increased profitability while improving data quality, customer service, & efficiency

One of the country’s leading digital healthcare companies reached out to J-Curve to help them drive better technology and customer satisfaction.

The company’s mission was to provide better care experiences, member satisfaction, and cost savings for nearly 100 million covered lives across commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid. The company was dedicated to raising the standard of healthcare for everyone, everywhere. They had built a nationwide network of dedicated clinicians, innovative data science, and technology platforms.

The problem? They were outsourcing to a services provider that could not meet the needs of the business.

Pain Points

  • Need to scale customer service. In addition to new customer acquisition, the pandemic created an increased and immediate need for patient care. The company began experiencing significantly more patients via their telemedicine services and members requesting assistance. Bottom line: the company could not keep up with the demand of their clients.
  • Manual data updates and entry. The company was staffing approximately 50 part- and full-time agents to make outbound calls to validate the information of two million unique accounts. Agents manually entered data into hundreds of cells in a shared Google Doc. Inaccuracies were common, and the process was slow.
  • Inefficient processes. Agents were scrolling through spreadsheets to update information, unable to access their script while in the database, and sometimes calling the same offices simultaneously. In addition, the proprietary platform didn’t recognize incorrectly formatted entries.
  • Call center analytics and disconnected tech systems. Although the client is a digital company, their agents’ technology couldn’t keep up. Separate systems didn’t communicate with each other and required manual entry. None of the systems offered automation to support agents.
  • How to improve customer service. The client needed to figure out how to improve CSAT with concierge-level customer support that could enable their users to schedule visits within 48 hours, complete pre-and post-appointment tasks, and get quick answers to their questions.
  • Lack of training resources. High customer growth meant a need to scale customer service, but their resources were stretched too thin to allow faster ramp time. The client needed to train its agents remotely during the pandemic rapidly.

J-Curve Solutions

J-Curve brought our premier tech-enabled customer support services to this client. We’re more than just an outsourcing call center. We were able to build the following:

Provider Match Services

  • We customized our powerful J-Sync dashboard to integrate all their tech systems into one easy-to-use application.
  • We built a proprietary agent portal for data entry and back-end data management. J-Curve synced all tech systems, eliminating the need to toggle between systems and saving time manually.
  • Our team audited and streamlined data gathering processes to maximize agent calls and ensure data quality.
  • J-Sync integrated data and scripts, automatically guiding agents through each question while on the phone.
  • The automation also ensured agents could only move forward if the data were correct, eliminating entry errors.
  • The system automatically loaded the agents’ next call, eliminating multiple agents calling the same provider.
  • J-Curve had a quality analyst run a script to find and correct potential errors instantly, a process that previously required multiple managers and hours of work.

Concierge Support Services

  • J-Curve transformed an agent hub into a HIPAA-compliant office with HIPAA training and certification for all J-Curve employees on the account.
  • With better automation in the provider match services, we could transition agents to patient scheduling and case management, improving customer experience.
  • J-Curve engaged an accounting firm to achieve SOC2 Type I compliance.
  • We scaled the business up with 12-15 agents, then hired and trained 25 additional agents for immediate needs.


J-Curve saw immediate results with this client across their most important focus areas.

  • Increased profitability. Our platform automation delivered performance-based pricing and increased profitability while improving data quality.
  • Reduced overhead. J-Curve achieved its goals with 17 agents, 2 leads, and one quality analyst, 23 fewer agents than the client planned to staff internally. This led to $127,000 in monthly savings.
  • Premier tech-enabled services – beyond typical contact center support.
    • J-Curve provided enhanced technology, process, training, and resource solutions.
  • Surpassed service levels
    • J-Curve helped the client clear their scheduling backlog within two weeks of deploying.
      The client is now exceeding all Service Levels with an improved CSAT score.
  • Complete, scalable training curriculum.
    • Operational scalability and redundancy.

The client is now seeking to increase services with J-Curve due to the account’s success.

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