J-Curve’s tech-enabled customer experience management program increased lead conversions for education partner

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This leading education company increased leads, reduced administrative burden, and improved parent and student trust with J-Curve’s customer-focused, tech-enabled contact center solutions. When it comes to education, trust is everything.

J-Curve Improves Customer Experience

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  • School administrators were handling 80% of the support call volume
  • A significant loss in leads due to understaffed administrators missing calls
  • No marketing data to help build efficiency targets
  • Call statistics, volumes, and locations were unavailable
  • Former call center agents unfamiliar with school information
  • No centralized platform for data to support contact center agent calls


  • Quickly scaled up customer service agents post-pandemic
  • Developed holistic BPO training curriculum for call center agents
  • Implemented proprietary tech to provide in-depth data analytics
  • Integrated tech systems enabling agents instant call access


  • Reduced wait times and handle times
  • Increased lead conversions
  • Reduced administrative burden from 80% to 15%
  • Increased high-value parent/guardian meetings for lead conversion
  • Improved customer satisfaction and trust

J-Curve provided relief for overburdened educators while simultaneously driving lead generation and boosting customer success

J-Curve continues to support one of North America’s leading early childhood educators. This innovative education company operates over 225 private preschools and elementary schools through a network of over 40 brands and over 27 years in business.

Before partnering with J-Curve, they experienced substantial complaints that resulted in a loss of customers due to lack of engagement. Here’s how we identified the problems and helped build a flourishing network of happy parents, students, and teachers.

The Challenge: Overwhelmed support agents, no contact center analytics, and low customer satisfaction

The education company’s former contact center outsourcing firm consisted of agents without leadership or direction. They had no marketing data to measure effectiveness and no analytics for call statistics, agent performance, or school identification protocol.

Here are just a few of the resulting challenges:

  • 80% of call volume was sent back to the school administrators to handle.
  • Administrators couldn’t answer live calls because they were engaged in school operations.
  • In many instances, parents of prospective students would hang up in frustration and choose another school.
  • Agents struggled to make parents/guardians feel confident they were familiar with the school’s brand, location, culture, staff, and more. Parents lost confidence in the brand.
  • Agent performance could not be analyzed or improved due to a lack of call statistics.
  • Inability to identify which customer was calling led to confusion and miscommunication.
  • Calls experienced long wait times as agents had to use separate platforms to look up school details.
  • Schools experienced several “no-shows” every week from parent/guardians meetings that were incorrectly scheduled.

These issues led to a distinctly negative customer experience for anyone trying to call in with questions or support.

J-Curve Solutions: Premier, tech-enabled customer experience management

J-Curve completed an extensive audit of the client’s business processes, tech systems, and customer experience management strategies. With a holistic view of the client’s customer success approach, we made several recommendations and implemented strategic customer experience outsourcing strategies.

Staffing & Training

J-Curve immediately engaged a team of six agents, eventually scaling customer service to 12-14 with a lead supervisor. We analyzed the client’s business processes and developed recommended agent training materials to improve customer service and process efficiencies.


We implemented our premium, customized customer engagement software platform, J-Sync, to provide call and email volume, marketing data, integrations, and more. Call recording access verifies dialogue and assists with escalations and training. Our Screen Pop feature for agents automatically populates specific school data via our internal CRM. Agents can instantly access information like location, tuition rates, classroom capacity, meal plans, staff info, hours of operation, and more – all within one integrated, streamlined dashboard.

Results: Improved customer experience, greater efficiency, and decreased work burden

  • With our technology-enabled customer support through live data in J-Sync, our agents can access the proper information instantly, resolving issues seamlessly.
  • Parent/guardian “no-shows” were drastically reduced to a few per month compared to multiple no-shows per week.
  • Due to technology enablement and enhanced training, agents significantly outperform school personnel in lead conversion.
  • J-Curve handles inbound and outbound leads for approximately 70% of the schools with the same number of agents it took the previous contact center to manage 20% of them.

Now, J-Curve handles 85% of the call volume for our client, as opposed to the 20% that the previous call center handled. This frees the school administrators to focus on what they do best – run their schools. Customers who call in get answers quickly and efficiently.

This change completely transformed the clients’ lead conversion rate – exceeding expectations and outperforming all previous metrics.

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