Use Case - Cloud Communications

J-Curve supercharged process efficiency and drove cost savings for UCAAS partner

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Following an acquisition, this telecommunications partner sought a BPO solution to address significant operational and financial challenges. J-Curve re-engineered processes, centralized operations, and integrated new technology, leading to substantial cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

J-Curve Improves Customer Experience

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  • A major acquisition required massive realignment and a need to justify costs
  • High overhead costs and 80% sales turnover rate
  • Manual workflows and disconnected systems lead to high inefficiency


  • Centralized resources to low-cost locations
  • Reengineered processes and integrated technology
  • Streamlined workflow and target agent hiring and training
  • Developed knowledge base and training materials


  • Reduction in staff costs by 32% while increasing performance
  • Scaled up customer service during the pandemic with remote work
  • New technology enabled new metrics, data analysis, and tracking
  • Increased customer satisfaction (CSAT) by 10 points month over month

Reducing costs, boosting agent performance, and streamlining processes with Business Process Optimization

Our client is the nation’s premier Managed Services Provider, delivering managed IT, cybersecurity, network connectivity, and unified communications to over 50,000 customer locations in the U.S. The company prides itself on providing comprehensive telecommunications solutions and guaranteed performance allowing Customers to focus on their businesses instead of IT/IS and security solutions.

In early 2020, the partner’s assets were acquired by a new parent company that realized they were struggling with a sub-optimized organizational structure. Separate teams managing implementations and high location costs were cutting into the budget and creating inefficient processes. These were identified as significant challenges organizationally and financially, so they decided to accept proposals from contact center and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies with a plan to reduce costs at offshore lower-cost locations (LCLs) and improve processes.

No company had the breadth of knowledge, experience, and expertise of J-Curve in the UCaaS and telecom industries. J-Curve immediately began a due diligence process to identify internal challenges and recommend solutions.

The Problem: High costs and low efficiency

J-Curve identified the following challenges and overall BPO and contact center needs:


  • Separate teams managing implementations created redundant roles and different processes across business units
  • High overhead costs on redundant staff, inefficient processes, and expensive locations
  • High sales turnover – 80% turnover
  • Only 1-2 performing Salespeople on a team of 10
  • Limited technology to manage agents and processes
  • Manual workflows differed from region to region
  • No knowledge base


  • A BPO to centralize operations to a low-cost location (LCLs)
  • An expert in Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and telecom
  • Align and integrate business processes post-acquisition
  • Immediate cost savings to justify the acquisition
  • Increase use of tenured employees and properly scale customer service workloads
  • Aim to grow/scale the business 30-40% year over year while increasing profitability and efficiencies across the enterprise

The J-Curve Difference

J-Curve brought to the table:

  • Nearly 20 years of experience and industry leader in Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)
  • Unique ability to provide tech-enabled BPO solution
  • 15+ years providing Cisco BroadWorks implementation
  • Proprietary approach to recruiting, hiring, and training teams in nearshore facilities with behavioral-based metrics

The J-Curve Solution: Tech-enabled process efficiency

J-Curve provided strategic consulting and due diligence and identified several areas of improvement. After being awarded the contract, we went to work on several customer experience strategies to turn the financial and operational challenges around for our client.

Centralized Operations

  • We developed a comprehensive plan to centralize project management, implementation services, and customer support.
  • We scaled up two Low-Cost Locations in Hermosillo and Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • We ramped recruitment, hiring, and training in domestic and nearshore locations.
  • We hired over 100 agents and management during the global pandemic

Process Reengineering

  • We streamlined agent workflow, eliminating redundancies and creating clear roles based on agent strengths and performance
  • We provided assessment in technology via automation and developed proprietary technical support to automate and streamline customer experience processes


  • We implemented our proprietary J-Sync platform to support agents in all customer engagements.
  • J-Sync uses a time tracker to increase agent metrics and performance
  • The technology also streamlines order management and reporting

Results: Scaling customer service, reducing costs, and boosting performance

  • Onboarded 85 resources in the first six months at LCLs
  • Scaled account to 100+ resources during the pandemic
  • Moved all employees to work from home and scaled remote training
  • Reduced headcount that drove cost savings of 32%
  • Streamlined processes and procedures for project management, order management, MACD, support, and more
  • New technology integrated billing systems, time tracker, and agent/order management and boosted efficiency and KPIs.
  • CSAT scores maintained at 10 points higher month over month

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