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Our company culture

A place to thrive

Success is impossible without thriving people. Thriving means that you love what you do, you love the people you work with, and you have benefits that make you want to stay. Our talented teams are what set us apart, and we aim to make life better for them every day.
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Leaders ready to serve

Take the traditional org chart and turn it upside down. Our leaders are all about serving the needs of the team and the customers. Every new hire class gets to know our CEO, and our leadership team’s top focus is on empowering our employees to learn, grow, and succeed.
“What sets J-Curve apart from other companies that I worked for is the amount of care and support we receive from management. It is integral to our daily success, and I appreciate that management understands that we are more than just a number here; the people here make the place feel like a home away from home.”
Solomon Cruz
Trainer & former Agent

Find your fit

We want everyone to “find their fit.” We use behavioral-based hiring to place our team members in the right role – in work they enjoy and are the best at. We believe in work-life balance, and part of balance is that work can be fun! We take time for employee appreciation, community events, socials, and more.

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Grow your career

J-Curve wants every employee to connect to their dreams and goals. We provide growth opportunities for all of our staff, personally or professionally.

What we offer

Putting the money where our mouth is. Our benefits include:

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